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Learning links listed above for our classroom!

 Hi all, I have attached the links to the learning websites that are used heavily during lockdown. You simply just press on the word e.g google classroom and it will take you right to the website of the google classroom page for your child. Please if you cannot action this, please email me and I will be able to assist you. My email can be found at the top underneathe the title of this blogspace.  Thank you, Dennise Ulberg 
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Lockdown Level 4 for New Zealand!

 Hi Parents of Room 26, As you all are aware, we're moving into lockdown level 4 from midnight tonight for 7 days. Out of the 7 days, 5 of the days are school days.  Since it's level 4, travel is restricted and we cannot provide devices nor paperwork for your child. This blog has been made to let you all know that I will be having a google meet with the class tomorrow at 10am. I have sent the code out tonight and should be sitting in your child's school email inbox. It is just to cover the work that has been set for them and if they have any questions for me.  If you do not have wifi/internet, no worries and no pressure! They can read books and learn their timetables. They can also learn how to cook and do things around the house. No pressure for students as this was unpredictable and can be time to just spend with your children. No worries at all!  I pray that you all are safe and protected throughout this lockdown and that surely enough will connect again once things have